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Two safety razors from Vali. Rose gold and black. Two safety razors from Vali. Rose gold and black.

Redefine Shaving Comfort

Where Irritation Is But a Memory

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Eco Friendly

The only razor blades on the market that can be recycled 100%.

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Affordable double edge razor blades, shave with a fresh blade every time without the waste.

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One Blade

Cuts level with the skin, without pulling and tugging.

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About us

We believe that everyone should be able to improve their health and skin. In a simple, environmentally friendly way and to a fair price. We are driven by simplicity, value for money, respect and that everyone is different – different is good.

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"Best razor, so far, I've tried."

”Got mine last week! Very satisfied. Super easy to get into the shave itself, incredibly nice shave! Will probably never change razor."

”Awesome, the difference from a regular razor is like day and night."

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